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Paving involves laying pavers individually on a sand mix. These pavers come in various thicknesses to suit all different requirements.

After excavation is complete a suitable base needs to be installed on concrete or roadbase, then a sand mix will be screeded flat. At this stage subtle falls or slope in level are implemented to allow water to fall to drains. Pavers then need to be laid with string lines to keep paving straight. Once laid and cut in, edging has to have concrete restraints to keep paving together. Fine sand is then swept into joints to tie all the paving together, compaction to paving to complete the paving process.
Tiling involves a concrete base. A glue and additive mix bonds pavers to the concrete base. After glue has set tiles are then grouted.

Flagging is when beautiful pieces of stone such as sandstone or bluestone are broken down to create unique pieces and then laid in a mosaic type pattern. Flagging can be laid with either a mortar joint or laid with spacing to have the gaps filled with mini mondo planting in between or even grass. Talk to us for some inspirational ideas on how to incorporate this impressive feature in your garden.