Civil and Residential Landscape and Concrete Services
Lic. Structural Landscaping 208091c

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Excavation and site clearing involves round up of existing weeds, creating correct levels, incorporating necessary slope falls and landings to ensure optimum landscape.

The type of machinery used depends on the jobs needs, the scale of excavation required, and amount of access available. We have all types of excavators available from skinny 0.8m wide to navigate the tightness of access to the 22tonne komatsu for large scale developments. Other machines include bobcats with attachments and tipping trucks, we also have great relations with hire companies in local areas if more machines are needed and we have a select range of excavation contractors on hand when needed.

With our mindset always on reducing our carbon footprint and keeping cost down for our client we endeavour to reuse any waste materials we can. We remove all waste from the jobsite and tip fees when required are included within our quote unless discussed otherwise. We tip greenwaste to a recycling centre which then turns this waste into garden mix and composts. All concrete and bricks are taken to recycling centres which they then turn these materials into concrete underlay, roadbase and backfilling and drainage materials.